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Artists paint mural to promote animal welfare - by PortugalResident

"Artists from Faro’s tattoo atelier Estúdio Onze donated their artistic skills towards animal welfare on August 10. Miguel Martins, Edgar, and Ana Goulão painted an animal welfare-themed mural at the premises of the Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA) association in Cabanita, Loulé.

The event marked ARA’s first official ‘open day’, which was attended by Paulo Batista, who is running for leadership of PAN/Faro (the district’s branch for the political party ‘People, Animals and Nature’), Carlos de Deus Pereira from MAF (the Pro Animal Movement of Faro), as well as families and animal welfare enthusiasts.

ARA has over 100 dogs and 20 cats in its care, all of which have either been abandoned or mistreated.

The association’s objective is to “rescue and rehome animals, with a strong focus on preparing dogs for adoption through a socialisation programme, daily rehabilitation therapy for traumatised animals, and complete accompaniment of the physical and mental health of each dog and cat”.

ARA’s dogs are walked twice a day and enjoy daily activities which promote their socialisation skills and involve placing “handpicked groups of animals” into ARA’s exercise parks.

To avoid cases of aggressive behaviour, each pen houses a maximum of three dogs. And in order to prevent future health complications, animals are fed a protein-rich diet. Additionally, all rescued animals are vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and put through regular check-ups.

ARA’s work is only possible due to a team of experienced people within the area of animal welfare, a veterinary health assistant, a trainer and, “above all”, a solid base of foreign and local volunteers helping with daily tasks.

During its short existence (little over a year), ARA has already overseen more than 100 national and international adoptions.

ARA has no governmental assistance, relying solely on the support of private individuals.

https://animalrescuealgarve.com | Facebook: Animal Rescue Algarve – ARA"


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